Our department serves the University students and staff according to their needs about nutrition, housing, recreation, social, cultural, sports and health.


To provide quality services based on the current and future needs and satisfaction of Dokuz Eylül University students and staff about health, culture, sports, nutrition, and housing facilities on the basis of continuous improvement and learning, through effective and qualified human resources, knowledge and high technology.


To create a university environment for the social and cultural development of students who will build the future of contemporary Turkey, and to contribute to the development of a healthy generation.


Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Health, Culture and Sports

Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No: 144 35210 Alsancak/İZMİR/TURKEY

Phone: +90 (232) 412 16 00 / 01 / 04 / 06

Fax: +90 (232) 464 81 61

E-mail: sks@deu.edu.tr

Department of Health, Culture and Sports

Head of Department: Metin KURŞUN           +90 (232) 412 16 00

Secretariat: Burçin ÖZDEN                           +90 (232) 412 16 04 / 06