The “Research Assistants Guesthouse”, which is located in the Tınaztepe Campus of our University in the Buca district of Izmir, serving under our Presidency, has a total of 71 rooms in 2 blocks, Block A (married) 24 rooms and Block B (single) 47 rooms, within the scope of Articles 33/a and 50/d of the Higher Education Law No. 2547; Research assistants who are assigned to our University within the scope of Articles 35 and 39 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and research assistants who continue their master’s and / or doctoral education at our University.

It provides services to research assistants who are assigned to do master’s and/or doctoral studies at our university. The allocation of the relevant apartment to the research assistants assigned to our university can be made within the vacant quota as a result of their application to the Institute to which they are affiliated and the receipt of the letter notifying their request by the relevant Institute to our Presidency; people can benefit from the apartment allocated to them until the end of their assignment period.


The rooms in Block A of our guesthouse are 50 m² and the rooms in Block B are 25 m². The apartments in our guesthouse have wireless internet, central heating system and telephone service as well as laundry service.


Address : Dokuz Eylul University Tınaztepe Campus Buca/IZMIR

Telephone : 0 (232) 412 16 05 / 87 – 301 78 00Formun Üstü


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