Sabancı Culture Palace, which was built on the land allocated by our university with the contributions of the Sabancı Foundation and the cooperation of the Governorship of Izmir and our University, was built as a single block with two main sections in a 5000 m² closed area.

The first section is the Hasan Tahsin Hall, which seats 548 people. With its stage where the most advanced techniques are applied and its large foyer, it can accommodate all kinds of cultural and artistic performances such as theater, opera, ballet, concerts and exhibitions. It has a retractable orchestra pit, 250 m² stage area and 12×16 m. stage dimensions. With a freight elevator connected to the stage and a 6×8 m. cinevision screen, it has all the facilities for various presentations ranging from musicals to shows with giant casts.

In the second section, there is Captain Şerafettin Hall with a capacity of 138 people. This hall has a 75 m² stage area, acoustic architectural structure, impressive lighting equipment, and a seminar room for 30 people for meetings.

For the ballet department of the Conservatory, there are special classrooms, study rooms, 4 ballet studios, administration and lecturer rooms. Each studio has a piano.

Located at the most convenient point for transportation by land and sea, Sabancı Culture Palace provides conservatory students with the best and most modern conditions.

The third floor foyers, including the entrance foyer, are used for exhibitions. It is also equipped to host all cultural and artistic events held in Izmir, plays of famous theater groups, various panels, concerts and special events.



Address : Mithatpaşa Caddesi No:112 Konak/İZMİR

Telephone : 0 (232) 446 06 64

Fax : 0 (232) 441 84 77

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