While our university aims to bring a creative, entrepreneurial and versatile thinking higher education youth to our country and the world with its understanding of quality education, it has structured the Culture and Sports Branch Directorate of the Department of Health, Culture and Sports for their participation in social, cultural, artistic and sports activities.

The Culture, Sports and Student Communities Units, which are structured within the Culture and Sports Branch Directorate, aim to support the social, cultural and sportive development of students by planning activities within the framework of their fields.

Cultural activities within the Culture and Sports Branch Directorate and the Spring Festivals, which are traditionally held every year, are planned by the Culture Unit. The Sports Unit plans the participation of our university teams and other students in sporting events. The Student Communities Unit, which is structured to direct our students to their areas of interest and support their socialization processes, plans the activities of the student communities within our university and provides all necessary support.

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