According to Article 46 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, the Part-Time Student Employment Program provides our students with the opportunity to work in order to evaluate their free time during school periods according to the subject of associate, undergraduate and graduate education or according to their personal interests in order to contribute to the development of students studying at our University as productive individuals who have acquired work discipline by ensuring that they work in a job in line with their interests and abilities.


In this context; our students who want to work part-time are required to apply online through the official website of our University by following the job announcements regarding part-time students to be employed in the academic and administrative units of our university following the start of the relevant academic year. Any application other than online application is not accepted.


Students who are eligible to work part-time are employed for a maximum of 15 hours per week and no more than 40 hours per month.


Requirements for students to be employed part-time:

– To be a registered student of the higher education institution where they will be employed, except non-thesis master’s degree students and special students,


– No disciplinary action,


– Not having a minimum wage income other than orphan’s pension and alimony,


– The contract between the part-time student and the higher education institution was not terminated for breach of contract,


– To have sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities for the work to be done,


– Not being a frozen student and not being a foreign student,


– To be studying within the normal education period.


– Students who certify that they have been damaged by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, that they are the children of martyrs and veterans, and students with disabilities are not required to be studying within the normal education period, not to be a foreign student and not to have been disciplined.



Documents Requested from Students to be Employed Part-Time:

– Photocopy of Turkish Identity Card

– 1 Photo

– Student Certificate (can be obtained via e-government)

– Certificate of Residence (can be obtained through e-government)

– Criminal Record (can be obtained through e-government)

– AKBANK account and IBAN number



Address Dokuz Eylul University Rectorate Department of Health, Culture and Sports

Telephone number: 0 (232) 412 16 91

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