• In order to serve Dokuz Eylül University students, there are 3 student dormitories under the Department of Health, Culture and Sports, Housing Services Branch Directorate.
  • – Buca Girls’ Dormitory is located in Buca Faculty of Education with a capacity of 204 beds,
  • – Male Student Dormitory is located in Buca Şirinkapı Neighborhood and serves our students with a capacity of 746 beds.
  • – DEU Bergama Student Dormitory is located in Bergama District of Izmir Province and has been temporarily unable to serve since 08/11/2022 due to renovations.

 Who Cannot Apply?

Those whose families reside within the borders of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality,

The married one,

30 years of age,

Students working for minimum wage and above are not accepted to apply to our dormitory.


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